DVD+CD Product

Some people prefer having DVD+CD Products to digital downloads.

BoxingatHome.com is our sister site which mails Boxout to you anywhere in the world, from Australia.

We include free shipping.

The product is essentially the same, but not exactly.
Here is a comparison between the PHYSICAL and DIGITAL Boxout programs.

1. Physical is a twin pack DVD/CD. Digital is a download (or live stream) to your computer.
2. Physical includes a twin pack with 2 discs, printed program and bonuses. Digital includes these as PDFs.
3. Physical takes a few days to arrive within Australia, and one week to other countries.
4. Physical has 3 x Mp3 workouts included. Digital has one.
5. Both Physical and Digital have the same cardio Video workout and 20 minute Technique workout
6. Physical DVD is in PAL format. It works on all computers, but not all DVD players (eg in USA). CD works on everything.
7. If you live in the USA (and other non PAL countries) the digital version is best, especially if you want to burn it to DVD
8. Physical costs more than digital. ($89 vs $37)

Click here to order the PHYSICAL Boxout.
You will also see many other demos, testimonials plus a PRO version for Trainers.

We use Infomedia fulfillment to mail our products