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Thanks for you order, and congratulations on getting started!

Now read and follow the download instructions carefully.

The Videos and MP3 workout can either be downloaded to your computer or streamed live from “the cloud”.

To Download

Simply click the download links below. We have separated the download into smaller files for easier and faster download. Once you have downloaded a file, save to a folder on your computer that is easy to find. The files add up to more than 600mb and may take from 30 mins – 2 hours to download, depending on your Internet connection speed.

Smaller files are quicker and easier to download, so we have separated them into numerous “bite size files” for your convenience.

Please see our guide below as to which order you should watch them.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming allows you to follow the Videos and MP3 in the cloud, without downloading. Speed and quality will depend on your Internet connection. You will still have to download the PDFs.

S No Product Name Type Size Download Link Streaming Link
Main Course
1. Boxout EasyStart Quick Video mp4 67 MB Download Watch Online
2. Boxout EasyStart 4 Week Guide pdf 4.2 MB Download
3. Video Workout m4v 340 MB Download Watch Online
4. How to Punch and Hold Pads m4v 145 MB Download Watch Online
Bonuses & Extras
1. Audio Workout mp3 17.4 MB Download Listen Online
2. Equipment Guide pdf 539 KB Download
3. How to Put on Handwraps Video mp4 57.4 MB Download Watch Online
4. Jab the Flab Weight Loss Tips pdf 61.9 KB Download
5. 41 Boxing Combos pdf 53.2 KB Download

Which Files should I start with?

Remember, FitnessBoxingOnline is more than just a workout, it’s a complete system to get you fighting fit, and teach you how to punch properly. Your first 4 weeks is covered in more detail in the Boxout EasyStart PDF. We suggest you follow this order:

  1. Start with the Boxout EasyStart Quick Video for an overview.
  2. Next, read the Boxout EasyStart PDF.
  3. Next, Beginners should watch the How to Punch & Hold Pads Video.
  4. Next, attempt the Video Workout, as outlined in the EasyStart PDF.
  5. Finally, progress to the Audio/mp3 Workout, as outlined in the EasyStart PDF.

* If you want to receive the actual DVDs and CDs in the post, please purchase from our sister site –