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Fitness Boxing Online Fitness Boxing Online

YES I want to Get Fit, Not Hit with FitnessBoxingOnline - My At Home Boxing Workout Program!

YES I want to Ditch the Treadmill, Dump the Gym and Never Pay for a Personal Trainer again!

YES I want to Download my 10 Round Boxing Video Workout, My Bonus MP3 And all the Other Bonuses Now!
I Also Understand that the FitnessBoxingOnline Workout Program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee!

AUD$ 89.95 Now just AUD$ 37!

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  • What is included?
    The FitnessBoxingOnline package includes:
    1. Workout Video
    2. Instructional Videos
    3. Bonuses including:
      1. Mp3 workout
      2. EasyStart Guide
      3. Extra Combos
      4. Jab the Flab Tips
  • How is it delivered?
    Either by digital files downloaded directly to your computer (no shipping). Or you can watch the live streamed video.
  • Can it be delivered anywhere in the world?
  • How big is the file?
    627 MB
  • How long will it take to deliver?
    Usually 30-60 minutes depending on your Internet connection speed.
  • What are the file formats?
    Videos are in MP4 and M4V formats, audio is in MP3 format and all the reading materials are in PDF format.
  • Which software and Operating System will be required to view this program?
    This program can be downloaded to both PC and Mac, or live streamed. Most computers already have the required software. You will need software to watch the videos, hear the Mp3 and read the PDF. All of this software is free and can be downloaded from the provided links.
    1. For Video Files: (you will need one of the following players or equivalent)
      1. Media Player Classic
      2. Apple QuickTime
      3. VLC Media Player
    2. For Audio File: (you will need one of the following or equivalent)
      1. Windows Media Player (Already available on Windows)
      2. Media Player Classic
      3. Apple QuickTime
      4. VLC Media Player
    3. For Reading Materials: ( you will need one of the following or equivalent)
      1. Adobe PDF Reader
      2. Foxit PDF Reader
  • Is there a guarantee?
    Yes. There is a 60 day money back guarantee.
    (Remember, FitnessBoxing only works if you do it!)
  • Is $37 the only amount I ever have to pay?
    Yes, it's a one time payment, then you can use the workout videos and Mp3 as often as you like!

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Fitness Boxing Online

AUD$ 89.95 Now just AUD$ 37!

This program can be downloaded or streamed live.

Here's a sneak peak of the download page - as you can see you can either download the program or live stream it!

Fitness Boxing Online

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AUD$ 89.95 Now just AUD$ 37!

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