What is FitnessBoxingOnline ?

FitnessBoxingOnline is like having your own private boxing trainer at home with you as you workout. Fitness Boxing Online also means you can now do an authentic boxing workout at home, in the park or anywhere – using video and mp3 technology. You simply buy the FitnessBoxngOnline package for one small fee, download the FBO package and start getting fighting fit – all for less than half the cost of one session with a personal trainer.

Here’s why we started FitnessBoxing online. Many people buy all the boxing gear, but have no idea. They soon realize that to get a  great boxing workout at home or in the park you need more than just boxing equipment. You need a workout routine that calls the rounds, calls the combos and gives you technique tips and motivation – just like a real boxing trainer. FitnessBoxingOnline.com does all this and more.

With just a few clicks you instantly download the video workout, mp3 and the EasyStart PDF Guide and get started. FitnessBoxingOnline works with or without equipment, with or without a partner.

That’s right, that means you can use it on your focus pads with a partner, on your punching bag hanging up in your garage or you can just shadow box the moves in front of a mirror. Not only that, the program starts easy, and then gets harder as you get better. After a dozen workouts you’ll be throwing pro combos and you’ll be getting fighting fit!