Jab the Flab – Learn 5 Weight Loss Secrets of Great Boxers

Boxers have to make the weight. One pound over, and they don’t even get to compete. The same goes for kickboxing, MMA and wrestling. Other than Jockeys, there’s not many other athletes where the weight matters so much.

After more than 15 years of teaching Authentic Fitness Boxing, cornering for elite boxers and competing in martial arts, I’ve picked up a few secrets about making our fighting weight. You will notice there are no gimmicks, no quick fixes – just simple, back to basics strategies. These tips can help you make your fighting weight.

Boxers Weight Loss Secret #1 – Tame the Trails

Elite boxers do their road work. I know a lot of people can’t stand jogging, but it really does burn the fat. You don’t have to jog on the road – instead, find a track or trail in the woods. I run a couple of times a week – hardly ever on the road or pavements. I prefer trails. I feel like I can run all day on forest trails, whereas the road wears me out. If you still don’t want to run, try mountain biking.

Boxers Weight Loss Secret #2 – Run Up That Hill

OK it doesn’t sound like much fun, but running up a hill or a flight of stairs gives you an awesome leg workout and an intense cardio workout. When I competed in martial arts I found a hill that took me 2 minutes to run up, the same length as martial arts rounds.

Running up a hill is harder than the flat, which means you don’t have to do as much of it. Start easy and build up for a great workout. Hill training is hard, fast, and then it’s over.

Boxers Weight Loss Secret #3 – Check into Training Camp

Elite Boxers spend weeks in Camp. They gather their team, head for the hills and hike, run or even chop wood for weeks at a time. Being away from smog and distractions takes their fitness to a new level. Now most of us can’t check into camp for 6 weeks — but one week, or even a weekend of sport or focused activity can break our pattern and kickstart our fitness. Is there a weekend hike, a running or bike camp, yoga retreat or paddling group you can join?

Boxers Weight Loss Secret #4 – Find a Sparring Partner to Make Training Fun

We’ve all heard of the “Power of One” but when it comes to getting fit it takes two. All Pro Boxers have a Coach. While we may not have the luxury of our own coach we can team up with a friend who can be our “sparring partner.” We workout together each week. If one of us feels down, the other can lift us. I have had many training partners over the years who hold the punch mitts and kick pads for me, or just get me out of bed on a cold morning. I wouldn’t do it by myself. If you can’t find a friend to workout with, join a fitness group.

Boxers Weight Loss Secret #5 – Shock Your Body into Shape with Cross Training

More elite boxers are now cross training. The daily grind of road work and being stuck inside a sweaty boxing gym can make them stale. If you get stale from your usual routine of pounding the pavement or treadmill — spice it up and try something new. Who knows, you might have a hidden talent for indoor rock climbing, ocean swimming, kayaking or swing dancing. Give it a go. Not only will it keep you excited, it will keep your body guessing. And the best part is you will lose weight without even thinking about it.

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Patrick Moore is a pro trainer, black belt and founder of Boxout Workouts & Fitness Boxing International. Patrick ran his first Boxout class in 1994, in a dusty old boxing gym, and now trains thousands of people and trainers every year.

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