Fitness Boxing Training Routines for Home – 3 simple tips to get great results

Have you bought boxing gear to workout at home? Good decision. Fitness Boxing at home is effective, free and fun. However, like any exercise, to get great results and keep it safe you’ve got to do it right. Here are 3 common errors and how to fix them.

Error #1 – Poor Punching Technique. Do you know women often punch better than men? When men start my Boxout classes many of them think they can punch, and try too hard. They over do it and punch with poor technique. A good punch is like a good tennis or golf shot. It’s got to have power, speed and control.

How to do it Right – Start with a Boxer’s stance. Left foot forward (left handers may be opposite). Get up on the balls of the feet, bend the legs a little, upper body side on, fists up near your face and float like a butterfly – in and away. As you punch use your core in every punch. Try not to arm swing. Also keep the hands up all the time, so they are ready for the next punch. Remember to follow through with every punch. Sink it in to the target.

Error #2 – Poor Punch Mitt Holding Technique. Poor mitt holding creates a poor target for your boxer and increases the risk of injury for both partners.

How to do it Right – Elbows in tight (no chicken wings!). Keep the mitts fairly close together, about upper chest high. Angle them inwards. Catch the punch, don’t whack it. As mitt holder, you call the shots – left, right, left-right etc. As you get better include the uppercut and hook punches.

Error #3 – Not following a Format. Have you ever tried to punch a punching bag hard for 3 minutes? It’s almost impossible, unless you’re a conditioned fighter. Many people punch endlessly without using rounds and they don’t use authentic combinations. Your workout won’t flow and you won’t get the most out of it. You’ll also burn out fast.

How to do it Right – Buy a kitchen cooking timer that counts down. Start with one or two minute rounds then build up to 3 minute rounds. Use authentic combos, but start with simple ones. Here are 3 combos to get you going. You can use these combos on your punching bag or on punch mitts with a partner.

L,R (left jab, right cross)

L,L,R (double left jab, right cross)

L,R,L (left jab, right cross, left jab)

Those are the 3 most common errors and how to fix them. Also, don’t forget to buy good quality boxing gloves and wear hand wraps underneath – to protect your knuckles and joints.

You will get Fighting Fit!

For more tips or to check out a video & MP3 boxing program you can do at home, go to (delivered to your door) or (download it)

Patrick Moore is a pro trainer, black belt and founder of Boxout Workouts & Fitness Boxing International. Patrick ran his first Boxout class in 1994, in a dusty old boxing gym, and now trains thousands of people and trainers every year.

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